We would like to present an interesting multimedia offer that you can add to your offers of trips to Krakow. The cinema is located in the heart of the Old Town, at 36 Floriańska Steet. It is located in the beautiful, old cellars of Krakow.
We have two projection rooms, where films can be watched in 2 different cinemas.

The first cinema is: 7D CINEMA

7D Cinema is an attraction at the highest level, the latest generation of cinema.
A characteristic feature of our cinema is a seven-dimensional (7D) effect.
In addition to the classic 3D effects, you will experience:
- smell
- wind
- vibrations
- touch
- water
- fog
- soap bubbles.
An amazing sound system further affects the reception of what the viewer sees on the screen. An additional effect strengthening the sensations are dynamic motion chairs with the option of moving the seat forward, backwards and sideways.

We offer a choice of 20 different films, of which the film Pirates is undoubtedly the biggest attraction. It is aimed at every age group.

It is the film with the best effects and the best plot, which includes everything that makes a good adventure film:
- rollercoaster
- emotions
- first-person view – excellent graphics
In addition, we have over 20 other films.
Genres: Horror, Adventure, Rollercoaster, Educational, Children, Disaster
The second cinema is: VIRTUAL REALITY CINEMA with Oculus Rift goggles.

The film is watched in the Oculus Rift goggles, which gives the opportunity to watch the film in 360 degrees. While watching the film, you can look around you, look up, down and sideways. You are right in the center of the action.
We have 4 films in the programme in the VR Cinema. One of them is: DINO SAFARI, adventure and educational film. It is a journey in a jeep through a jungle, where apart from admiring the beautiful nature, we can meet dinosaurs face-to-face. The film has many surprising and blood-chilling moments and is a great entertainment for everyone.

I invite you to cooperate with our cinema.
Our ticket prices offered to individual clients are:

7D CINEMA: 18 zł
VR CINEMA: 20 zł

There are discounts for group sessions, which depend on the number of people, for example:
Over 20 people:
7D Cinema: 10 zł
VR Cinema: 10 zł