Toy raid - A rollercoaster type of film featuring children’s toys, with ear-pleasing music for children and lots of additional effects such as bubbles or smell.



Great wall of china- A rollercoaster type of film where you are driven by a crazy rickshaw driver along the Great Wall of China. It provides a great deal of emotions and a lot of additional effects (great for adults and children).


Zombie raid- A rollercoaster type of film where you go in a car through the graveyard where zombies come out of their graves and try to catch you while you are running away. You can find out if you can escape them in our cinema.


Amazon- A rollercoaster type of film featuring animals in a beautiful jungle landscape with interesting effects, where we can feel as if we were in close contact with animals.

Dino short-  a film with English dialogues.


Ali mine-  A rollercoaster type of film where you go in a cart through the mines. A calm ride with beautiful views of diamonds (film also for the youngest viewers).


Western coaster


The Chase- a film from the perspective of an observer. You watch an action film where you are chased by UFOs. You run away on a motorcycle through a destroyed city. Action film that gives you an adrenaline rush.


Devils mine ride


The tomb


Hunted Raceway


Robo Soldier

Forest adventure- a film with English dialogues.


Dead House


Piraci- An adventure film which gives a huge dose of emotions. You watch it from the first person perspective. You fight with various monsters and run away from them. It involves a lot of action and emotions as well as additional effects that allow us to feel like a real pirate.


Tolledo- a scary horror. You enter the castle where you meet Beelzebub, who throws you to the very bottom. A film for the real tough guys who like horror films.


Dracula- a film for children from the age of 10. In this film, you visit the castle, which turns out to be Dracula’s castle, and then a funny adventure begins (one of the funny themes of this film is conected with garlic).


Space creeps- Space battle where you fly a spaceship and shoot other spaceships. There are a lot of cool motifs for sci-fi lovers. This is a film where the seats give us the most shakes.


Solar system VR i 7D- A documentary about our solar system. In this film, you travel in a rocket and explore the solar system, and Krystyna Czubówna gives you various interesting information about it. Film in Polish and English language version.


Adrenaline- A film where you taken on the role of adrenaline of a sapper who has to disarm the bomb. A roller coaster type of film where you circulate in the body of the hero.


Da Vinci- A rollercoaster type of film where you are a brush that escapes Leonard while he is painting Mona Lisa. You run through the city accompanied by great music. Film for the youngest viewers.


  Afterlife VR 7d- The scariest of our films. The action takes place in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, which turns out to be not completely abandoned. A film with lots of effects, which provides the adrenaline rush, only for the brave.


Asylum- Abandoned house, which you decide to visit. The house turns out to be haunted and paranormal things happen inside it. It is a horrifying horror with good special effects.


Train- A disaster film, in which you play the role of a person who runs away from Armageddon. You escape it in various ways. There is a lot of action. If you blink, you might miss something.


Motoride VR- A rollercoaster type of film, which involves an amazing motocross ride in different sceneries. You ride over the precipices and jump over the water. Film for adrenaline freaks.


Dino safario VR- You drive a jeep through the national park where you observe different species of dinosaurs, some are calm, and some want to have you for dinner. The best additional effects in VR are in the Dino Safari.